June 11, 2021

Can cervical mucus be acidic?

Have you ever heard about hostile cervical mucus? If not, you should know that this type of mucus will prevent egg fertilization by killing the sperm or restricting free movement of the sperm, stopping it from successfully getting to the egg. If you are trying to get pregnant and want to know if cervical mucus can be acidic, then the answer is yes. The hostile cervical mucus can be very acidic as well.

There are a few reasons why women have hostile cervical mucus, most commonly because it’s too thick for fertilization to take place successful. Generally, the cervical mucus is thin in the optimal days of the menstrual cycle to help the sperm move faster to the egg. Read on to find out more about cervical mucus and acidity.
cervical mucus1Many researches have been done in the recent years to determine how the body’s pH affects people. Persons with their urine pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 are usually healthier. The pH is determined largely by the foods that you eat and the type of environmental toxins that you are exposed to. Your cervical mucus can be acidic if you have a pH that is too acidic. Sperm is not able to live for more than two hours in hostile environment.

Your cervical mucus will be less acidic and is alkaline during ovulation. The surges in the luteinizing hormone will keep the cervical mucus at an alkaline level so that the sperm is able to survive in the reproductive organs for as much as 48 hours.

It is important to mention that the body’s pH is somewhat different from the vaginal pH as it is affected by hormones and the menstrual cycle. Vaginal pH is normally between 3.8 and 4.5, but could be 7 to 14 when you are ovulating to be non-toxic to the sperm and very alkaline.
Your mucus can be tested show the presence of antibodies which are anti-sperm or high acidity. If you have a pH that is too acidic or not sperm friendly, you will have to eat foods to reduce acid or alkaline foods. You have many healthy options such as legumes, beans, grains and healthy Omega oils. Raw fresh veggies and fruits are acidic, but can help the body based on the alkaline effect. Sugar must be avoided because it will turn to acid.
A good recommendation is always to get help from a doctor. He or she can suggest specific things that can help you to deal with acidic cervical mucus. In most cases, simply changes to the diet can help to make hostile cervical mucus friendlier for the sperm to fertilize the egg. Drinking plenty fluids and removing dairy products can be helpful. You could also use herbal supplements to help with the development of healthier cervical mucus.