June 11, 2021

Can you fertilize even without cervical mucus

Can you fertilize even without cervical mucusMany women only think about cervical mucus when they are trying actively to become pregnant. This is not surprising since it plays a very important role in helping women to conceive. If you are really serious about having a baby, you might be wondering if you can fertilize without cervical mucus. The information below will help you to understand more about this.

Lack of cervical mucus might not be a serious problem, but it could have an effect on your fertility. Read on…

Cervical mucus changes significantly during a woman’s cycle. When you are closer to ovulation, the fluid would become slippery, clearer and almost stretchy. Most doctors associate an egg white looking fluid to the most fertile mucus. This egg white-like mucus basically works to provide protection to the sperm and help to transport it through the uterus and then into the fallopian tubes for fertilization.
In case you are not aware of this, the vagina is not safe for sperm. There is acidity in your vagina that can make sperm immobile in no time. This is the reason why the cervical mucus is so important. The cervical mucus can sweep up the sperm after ejaculation and preserve it inside your cervix for a few days. The mucus will block the sperm if it’s not the right time to fertilize. You should know that the sperm might not survive the passage through your vagina without cervical mucus.

Around the ovulation period, the mucus will thin out and enable the sperm to go freely in order to fertilize an egg in twelve hours. Most women experience the thinning of cervical mucus a day or two before ovulation. If you experience this up to one week, you will have more chances of conceiving from intercourse before ovulation. Since every woman has different experiences, you should monitor your cervical mucus to know when you are most fertile.

Cervical mucus will not only help to transport the sperm at the right time, but can also stop the abnormal ones from fertilizing an egg. The abnormal sperm generally can’t travel efficiently as the healthy sperm, so the cervical mucus will help the healthy ones to go through first for fertilization. This natural selection process will help you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

Even though cervical mucus and its fluctuations might seem odd, it is an excellent tool to use when you need help to get pregnant. This fluid can also help you to understand more about your body. Generally speaking, the cervix produces a substance that can do a number of things. So, it is safe to say that cervical mucus will play an important role when it’s time for you to fertilize.