June 11, 2021

A Difference on Cervical Mucus in Pregnancy

You might have probably seen the changes on your cervical mucus from the time you planned to get pregnant to the time of your ovulation. Now, rather than buying and using early pregnancy tests, did you know that you can also use your cervical mucus in detecting your pregnancy? If you are not pregnant, right after your ovulation your cervical mucus will dry up suddenly making it seem like you have no discharge. This will continue until your next menstrual cycle or when you are near it.

But if you are wrong, cervical mucus in pregnancy will be different. In your early pregnancy, just around that time when you’re expecting the start of your menstrual cycle, you’ll notice that your cervical mucus comes in larger amounts than ever before. As early as only four weeks after your last menstrual period, the amount of your cervical mucus in pregnancy begins to increase. This increase in the early stages of conception is due to the increase in the production of estrogen as well as with the greater flow of blood to the vagina.

Cervical mucus also changes during the later months of pregnancy. Obvious increase of cervical mucus in pregnancy throughout the entire nine months is just normal to be experienced by a woman. Normally, the cervical mucus in pregnancy is thick and sticky. And it doesn’t easily stretch. It should also be odorless, even if the cervical mucus itself is generally odorless, with that large amount, sometimes it can be. But in some cases, it can be annoying giving a discomfort feeling or sometimes it can even be smelly. In that case you can use a liner. If in case the smell is disturbing, then it would be safe to consult with your ob-gyn. This is also to be sure because pregnant women are more prone to vaginal infections and can be more dangerous in their situation.

With this, your cervical mucus in pregnancy can help in determining vaginal infections and such. The more cervical mucus will be produced the closer you get to labor. It can actually indicate labor. There are also times when your mucus plug will contain some blood and that is called a bloody show. After delivery, your cervical mucus ought to return back to a regular amount and appearance.

Most of the women use their cervical mucus to pinpoint their time of ovulation and at the same time to detect if they are pregnant, to their time of labor.