June 11, 2021

Cervical Mucus Throughout Cycle

Did you know that cervical mucus is related to your ovulation cycle? Through the cervical mucus monitoring test, mucus changes are to be monitored to determine when ovulation occurs. You will discover that your mucus changes in texture and increases in volume as your cycle progresses. You can determine the stage of your cycle by the changes in the mucus secreted from your cervix.

Hormonal fluctuations cause the changes in the consistency of your cervical mucus. When the mucus is like raw egg whites (clear, slippery and stretchy) then you are fertile or ovulating.

To help you know the time of your ovulation and increase your chances of pregnancy, you should examine the changes in your cervical mucus. There are ways to collect your cervical mucus sample such as using a toilet paper, wipe your vagina’s entrance and from there examine the mucus collected; you could insert your finger into your vagina to collect some mucus; and / or the most accurate to collect your cervical mucus is to insert your finger into your vagina and circle it around your cervix so you can get the cervical mucus not just the wetness.

Monitor the changes in your mucus and you can see that:
In the first few days after your menstruation, there will be a little or no discharge of mucus at all. And there will be a feeling of dryness around your vulva. In this stage, there’s a low chance of pregnancy. When approaching ovulation, mucus will be sticky and moist plus it should be cream or white in color. At first, when fingers are stretched, the mucus will become cloudy and stretchy but then break. As days pass, it will be greater in volume. In this stage there is a chance of pregnancy.
When just around your ovulation, your cervical mucus looks like egg whites. And in finger testing, the mucus will stretch a long way before it breaks.

The amount of this egg white mucus will consistently increase until you reach your mucus peak wherein the chance of pregnancy is high, also equivalent to ovulation. After your ovulation, you would see the change in your mucus, it will be sticky again and will not stretch doing a finger test. In this stage, there’s a low chance of pregnancy. With this natural way of knowing your ovulation cycle, you are on your way in being in the nine months of pregnancy.