June 11, 2021

Cervix Position Before Ovulation

PIn-Sharp Rubber CervixA woman’s cervix behaves in a certain way before, during, and after ovulation. For a lot of women, observing their cervix is a good way of finding out if they are fertile or not. But in order for this method to be effective, women have to first spot where inside their body the cervix is.
The cervix reaches as far back within, positioned next to the vagina. If you try to touch it with your two fingers and felt that it is somewhat soft, that is an indicator that you are fertile. The opening of the cervix will be larger too. However, when you feel it as being closed, hard, and low, that is an indication that you are infertile. The cervix will be hard to the touch and the opening seems to be just a small hole.

However, the condition of the cervix before ovulation is high, soft, and open. Note that during ovulation, the amount of estrogen increases inside your body. That is also the reason why the cervix rises. And when the cervix does reach its highest point, you will find it hard to feel with your fingers. The opening is going to be much larger and softer. Feeling it is like touching your lips.

During ovulation, a woman is at her most fertile period. And the cervix is set to stay in high, soft, and open position until ovulation occurs. Only after when the estrogen subsides and progesterone is released would the cervix return to the low, closed, and hard position.

Checking the cervix is a good way to know whether it is safe to have sex or not. During ovulation, a woman is at her most fertile state. If you want to have sex at that time, high are the chances that you’ll get pregnant.