June 11, 2021

Common Cervical Mucus Abnormalities

normal cervix and Common Cervical Mucus AbnormalitiesThe cervix plays a very important role in the process of conceiving a child, as it is where the sperm cells stay until they fertilize an egg. And so it follows that abnormalities in the cervical mucus could lead to conception problems for couples. The ideal place for sperms to stay inside the woman’s body to fertilize an egg is the cervix, more particularly in its mucus. Therefore, the condition inside the cervix has to be very favorable for sperm. The mucus must nurture the sperm in every step of the way.

The cervical mucus is abnormal if it is not of the right volume and consistency. For one, it has to be abundant and clear. It should be stretchy and elastic but less cellular. It must be just of the right thickness and be a little watery. The pH should be high enough with the strands well aligned together for better penetration. If all of these are not met, then cervical mucus is regarded as abnormal. And in such condition, conception is unlikely to occur.

To more precise about it, abnormal cervical mucus appears be very viscous and thick. In this condition, the sperm can’t penetrate more freely. This alone makes it a very hostile environment for them. It may also happen that the mucus itself contains antibodies that attack the sperm, thus limiting their lifespan.
When the cervical mucus has low pH, it means that it is very acidic. Sperms can’t live in an acidic place for they can only survive in alkaline solutions. If the cervical mucus is low in pH, the sperm cells will either be inactivated or destroyed all together.

Lastly, the cervical mucus becomes abnormal when there is infection in the cervix. The presence of inflammatory cells will digest the sperms for they would regard it as a foreign material. Such infections are normally caused by sexually transmitted diseases.