June 11, 2021

How to increase cervical mucus after the age of 35

pregnant womanThese days, it’s no longer impossible for women to get pregnant after age 35. Although the quantity and quality of a woman’s reproductive egg will reduce significantly after this age, there are still ways that they can get pregnant. If you are in this age group and you are trying to have a baby, it might take one to two years for you to conceive. At this time in your life this might seem like a very long time, but you could improve your chances by tracking your cycles, staying positive and maximizing your fertile days. Read on to find out how to increase cervical mucus after the age of 35.

Before going further, you should understand the importance of cervical mucus.

Depending on a woman’s menstrual cycle, the cervix will produce different types of cervical fluid or mucus. After menstruation, your cervix will produce a thick, acidic infertile fluid to stop sperm from reaching the vagina. When it’s near to your ovulation, your cervix will produce fertile mucus.
Cervical mucus is important because it is needed to allow the sperm to enter the cervix freely. You can chart your CM and use it to identify your most fertile days. The cervical mucus should increase and the texture changes from wet to a stretchy, egg-white like fluid when you are close to ovulation. When the CM is healthy and fertile it will nourishes and protect the sperm from the acidity in the vagina while it’s guiding them towards the ovum.

It is important to point out that the amount of cervical mucus will not determine if you are ovulating or if you can carry a pregnancy to full term. But, the quality and the amount of mucus will determine if the sperm can swim easily to your egg.

How To Increase Your Cervical Mucus Naturally After Age 35

1. Drink plenty of water daily. If your body is not well-hydrated, the production of cervical mucus will decrease because it actually contains about 90% water.

2. There are some herbs that will help the cervix to produce healthy mucus. Some of the recommended types include dandelion root and leaf, Shatavari root, Licorice root, Red Clover and Marshmallow root.

3. Nutritional Supplements
Ensure that you daily diet include enough of the essential fatty acids. You can take Omega 9, 6 and 3 if you are not getting sufficient fatty acids from food items. Evening Primrose Oil, L-Arginine and Borage seed oil can help to increase mucus production. Essential fatty acids are useful for regulating hormones; increasing the blood circulation to the uterus, balancing your cycle and increasing the egg white-like cervical fluid that is needed for the sperm to get to your egg. One natural product which has been proven to increase fertile cervical mucus is FertileCM. Find out more about it here.

Also, if you’re using lubricant be sure to use Sperm Friendly Lube.

Keep this information in mind if you want to know how to increase cervical mucus after the age of 35. Just remember that the production of fertile, healthy cervical mucus is important for conception. Cervical mucus will also help you to know when you are most fertile.