June 11, 2021

How to tell if your cervix is open

During pregnancy the cervix softens, elongates, dilates, lengthens, thins out and go through all types of changes. As a result, women will ask a lot of questions about the cervix especially when they get pregnant. The information below will tell you about the cervix and how to know if it’s open.
Before looking at how to tell if your cervix is open, you need to understand what it is.
The cervix can be found at the bottom part of your uterus and the top part of your vagina. Throughout different phases of fertility, the cervix might lengthen, harden, soften and shrink. It will open a little during ovulation in order to allow the sperm to swim up and connects with the egg. However, it opens or dilates quite a bit throughout childbirth so that the baby can pass through.

How to Tell If Your Cervix Is Open

First, you should know how to locate your cervix. Now, before doing anything your hand must be clean. There is really no right way for a woman to feel for their cervix, but some find that it can be helpful if you squat down or bring one leg upwards. In either case, you would insert a finger inside your vagina, preferably the middle one because it’s longer than the others. After that, you can reach back and go upwards where you should feel something protruding downwards.

While in labor and perhaps even before, your cervix will open because your body is going through changes that will soften it up. In fact, many women will walk around with a partially dilated cervix during the last month or so of labor. It’s completely normal for you to dilate as much as four centimeters even if you are not close to your delivery date.
Now, the cervix will open up even more as pregnancy or labor progresses. This means that you can monitor the changes to know exactly where you are instead of going to your doctor or gynecologist all the time.

In addition to opening during labor and pregnancy, your cervix can shrink and wear away. Basically, your cervix will go upwards and become wider so that the baby can come out easily. You might hear about one hundred percent effacement, which means the cervix is not hanging downwards and is up all the way on the top of your vagina wall. This usually happens when the baby’s head moves downward and come through the opening.
Hopefully this information will help you to know if your cervix is open. Besides that, you should now be more comfortably with the changes of your body during pregnancy and labor. Please contact your doctor if you need more answers to matters related to childbirth, cervical changes and pregnancy.