June 12, 2021

Pre Seed – Fertility Friendly Lubricant Review

Most women don’t know this but vaginal dryness could actually lead to fertility problems. If you have been struggling to get pregnant, your doctor might tell you that over the counter (OTC) lubricants like KY Jelly could actually kill the sperm. In fact, studies show that nearly all vaginal lubricants might not only be harmful to the sperm but could interfere with the cervical mucus. Thankfully a sperm and fertility friendly lubricant is now on the market that will not cause problems for you. This is the Pre Seed lubricant.

Pre Seed is a revolutionary product that almost everyone is talking about today. It was created by a sperm physiologist in order to mimic the natural fluids of women and the cervical mucus. It comes with applicators that you can use to deposit lubricant inside your vagina when necessary.

Using the Pre Seed Lubricant

preseedThis is actually the only real lubricant that couples should use when trying to get pregnant. Most of the personal lubrication products that you will find in the marketplace will actually create a barrier that can stop sperm from flowing into the cervix opening. Pre Seed actually provides the ideal environment that is sperm friendly by adding moisturizer to the canal of the vaginal just like the natural cervical mucus or fluids. So far, it has proved to be very powerful and safe.

It is actually quite easy for you to use this personal lubricant as it comes with straightforward information along with individual pre-filled applicator and the multiple use types. If you want to try the single-use applicator that is pre-filled, you would simply twist off the cap, put the end inside your vaginal canal and then squeeze to discharge the lubrication.

With the multiple use applicators, you can decide on the amount of lubrication to use. You would take the cap from the tube, twist at the tube ending and squeeze gently to fill up the applicator. As the lubrication fills up the applicator, the stick will start to go up. All you have to do is read the numbers which appear on the applicator stick to know the exact amount of lubrication that is inside. After filling the tube with the desired amount of lubricant, you can put the ending of the applicator inside the vaginal canal and squeeze out the lubricant.

Whether you are using the pre-filled one-time use or the multiple-use applicator, you should wait fifteen minutes to have sex after putting the lubricant into your vagina.

In closing, it is worth mentioning that the Pre Seed Lubricant can also be used by females at different time in life. This is especially true for persons who want to use a lubricant that will not cause irritation as well as who are having problems with pelvic discomfort or dryness in vagina because of hormonal changes.

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