June 12, 2021

Pre-Seed Intimate Moisturizer & Lubricant Review


Pre-Seed Intimate Moisturizer Overview

It seems that many lubricants now are not a good choice for couples that are looking to get pregnant. Sure, they work well, but they are damaging to sperm, which obviously causes problems to couples that want to have a baby. So, if you are looking for lubricant that is safe to use while trying to conceive, your search may lead you nowhere. However, Pre-Seed Intimate Moisturizer & Lubricant is sperm friendly and a great choice for any couple looking to get pregnant. Also, this product is 4.4 stars from over 140 users, which is very respectable! This may be exactly what you have been looking for!

Product Description

In a world of lubricants that are constantly damaging to sperm, Pre Seed Intimate Moisturizer & Lubricant is the only safe lubricant to use if you and your partner are looking to have a baby. The formula actually imitates a woman’s natural secretion, which creates a sperm friendly environment in which fertilization is not hindered in any way!

Features of Pre-Seed Lubricant

  • Sperm Friendly – Great For Couples Wanting To Get Pregnant
  • 9 applicators
  • PH balance imitates body’s secretions

Customer Reviews

Below are just a few actual customer reviews:

PreSeed works great and a little goes a long way with this stuff. I used this while we were trying to conceive. Not sure if it was this that worked but within a few cycles we were pregnant.

– Shauna, Illinois

It will NOT automatically make you pregnant!! My husband and I have been using this for going on 4 cycles now and we are still TTC & praying that it happens for us soon. This is a great product, but pregnancy may still take some time…The box only states that it doesn’t kill sperm & creates a neutral PH, there is no ‘magic’ in this product.

– Marie, Albany, NY

We combined using preseed with the use of the ovulation tracking calendar and within a few months, we were pregnant and are now expecting a little girl in March. It really worked for us

– C. Cope, Tucson, AZ

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Product Rating: 4.4/5 Stars


  • High Quality
  • Full Dosage Is Not Needed For Lubrication
  • Not Sticky
  • Easy To Clean


  • Expensive

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