June 11, 2021

What is cervical mucus like if you’re pregnant?

Cervical mucus is actually a vaginal discharge, but it’s also a method used to evaluate when pregnancy is most likely to occur after sexual intercourse. During early pregnancy, a woman might notice signs of cervical mucus, which is not surprising since it is a primary symptom. If you are reading this piece, you might want to know what cervical mucus is like if you’re pregnant. Hopefully, the information below will answer your question.
There are certain symptoms which indicate that your pregnant and cervical mucus is one of the parameters used to confirm pregnancy. The texture and consistency of the mucus deviates once you are close to ovulation.

So, how does cervical mucus looks during pregnancy?

Baby loveDuring your menstrual cycle, the type and volume of mucus will change. When your monthly menstruation cycle ends, there might be no mucus production. However, cervical fluid could be present with a yellowish white hue and paste-like or viscid texture. With a torpid texture, the mucus will soon develop a look that is grainy and dry post ovulation.

After your menstrual period ends for about one week, you might notice that the cervical mucus increases. It’s the elasticity and translucency of the mucus that will determine the chances of conceiving. Once you see stretchy, clear and translucent mucus, this would be a good sign of conception.

An egg-whitish, stretchy discharge can occur in the first trimester and this is called leukorrhea. When estrogen levels increase during pregnancy, this causes the cervical glands to respond by releasing an excessive amount of mucus. This will continue throughout pregnancy, but the consistency and frequency usually increases in the third trimester.

Now, as your pregnancy progresses closer to labor, you will experience an increased amount of cervical fluid discharge. Basically, this happens because the cervical mucus fills up your cervical canal and serves as a barrier around the neck of your uterus. The protective shield is referred to as the mucus plug. When you get closer to labor, the cervix will expand and release mucus. The mucus plug might increase overtime or come out in as a lump.

Some women might experience a blood secretion that is accompanied by cervical mucus. But, the discharge will go back to normal post-delivery. You will experience this secretion at the start of your normal menstruation cycles. Therefore, you have nothing to be worried about.

You can do additional research or contact your doctor to get more information about what cervical mucus is like if you’re pregnant.